Avatar flashback

Tonight I went to see “Avatar” at the IMAX theater on Columbus and 68th, just up from Lincoln Center. As I took my seat and toyed with my 3-D glasses, I had a flashback.

On January 8th, during Avatar’s first run, Grace and I went to see it in the IMAX theater in New Rochelle. Before going in, I went to the grocery store next door to get a bag of Smartfood for us to smuggle into the theater. The store happened to have six-packs of Tröegs Hopback Amber on the shelves. Then Hugh got an idea. An awful idea. Hugh got a wonderful, *awful* idea.

I couldn’t resist the Hopback Amber. But how would I chill it? A bag of ice would be a bit much to smuggle in, especially on top of the Smartfood and the six-pack. So I grabbed a few extra plastic grocery bags and scrounged some snow from outside.

It was a great plan, and it worked well… except for one thing. I was already as big as a house by that time. I knew that I had no business having the hilariously-named Smartfood, let alone the three bottles of beer I drank. But I wasn’t in control. Knowing full well that I shouldn’t have it, I went ahead and had it anyway. The part of me that revelled in the experience trampled the part of me that wondered what the hell I was doing a little deeper into the mud.

Tonight I wouldn’t have seriously considered drinking beer. Tonight I smiled as I thought of another six-pack of Tröegs Hopback Amber: the one that I put in my fridge yesterday, and which I won’t be touching until I reach 200 pounds.

I’m reaching out one hand and touching the me of January 8th, while keeping the other on the me of tonight. It feels quietly glorious. I’m banged up and my head still ain’t on exactly straight. But not only am I standing, I know that I’m walking in the right direction. And that’s a damned sight better than I was.


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