Day One Hundred Thirty-Three

Me returning home on the Metro North after yet another viewing of "Avatar"

The alarm went off early but I went right back to bed. I think my failure to get up owed more to me feeling down than to physical tiredness. I felt bad about overdoing my eat-whatever-I-want day on Saturday, and about not getting as much exercise and work done as I’d intended on Sunday.

In the morning I had some conversations with Keane people about next Friday, my last day at Goldman Sachs. After that, I’ll be “on the bench”, which is Keane slang for being employed but not being at a client. If they don’t find me another position within two weeks, they’ll let me go. This is fine, yet the talking about it left me very preoccupied and unable to focus on work. But I eventually simmered down and got some good work done on the process of training Dennis.

My eating was pretty much by-the-book today: an egg sandwich in the morning, Zone Bar with tea at 10:00, big green salad at 1:00, and another Zone Bar with tea on my way uptown after work. During “Avatar” I ate the small handful of peanuts and raisins that I’d made sure to pack before leaving work. And after I got home I ate an apple.

I’m feeling very pleased with my reactions today. I got very bad news from the scales this morning, and I’m far from pleased with that, but I’m not worried. This was just a setback caused by a celebration that I’d earned. I’m back on the horse, and I know that this time I’m going to finish the journey.

Speaking of the journey… I need to get to bed, because I need to get up early for some exercise. Good night.


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