Day One Hundred Thirty

It’s always easier to get myself up early on a Friday; if not for that factor, I think I would have stayed in bed. As it was, I enjoyed the early morning quiet and coolness.

I spent another difficult day at work, attempting to distill vast amounts of experience into something transmissible to my replacement. Again, my eating was very good but not perfect: on the positive side, I had a big green salad for lunch and did not break open one of my emergency biscotti; on the negative, I had a second Zone Bar after work instead of a small handful of nuts and raisins. Given the emotional ridiculousness of these last few weeks at work, I’m not going to sweat it.

After work I met Don at Grand Central and we rode the train back to Larchmont. Grace picked us up and we all took a walk in Saxon Woods. It was fun climbing around on the rocks with Don, and it made for a more varied and intense exercise than just brisk walking.

I never truly got to celebrate reaching the three-quarter point in my weight loss last week, so tonight Don and I indulged in some of the beer that I had in the fridge. We started with Josephs Brau Dunkelweizen from Trader Joe’s, then shared a bomber of Scottish Ale that I brought back from Atlantic Brewing Company in July. As we watched a series of DVD lectures on the Peloponnesian Wars, we finished with a bomber of Tenth Anniversary Ale that I’d gotten at Middle Ages Brewing Company in Syracuse on Monday. Unsurprisingly, I fell asleep during the second lecture. A lovely finish to the week!


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