Day One Hundred Thirty-Six

I got up at 5:30 for a delightful walk, got some excellent news from the scales, and spent another day at work being productive while trying to lose my anxiety. I did better today than yesterday, partly because I horsed around with Karen via instant messenger and partly because I got to chat with co-workers about my situation a bit.

I followed my diet quite well today, eating half yesterday’s salad for lunch and a small handful of peanuts and raisins at 4:00. Then Karen and I went for our last dinner at Excellent Dumpling before I leave Goldman Sachs. We had a great meal and pleasant conversation, took the 6 train to Grand Central, and parted ways as I was walking to Midtown Comics. I picked up Iron Man Legacy #6 and read it during the beginning of the train ride home. Then I posted the Excellent Dumpling via e-mail, using the nifty WordPress shortcodes I discovered today.

When I got home I pushed myself to do an entire calisthenics routine, and by golly that’s just what I did. I worked up a great sweat, pushed my muscles about as far as they could effectively go, burned hundreds of calories, and raised my metabolism. So I’m feeling pretty darned pleased with myself. I’m ready for a good night’s sleep and a morning walk.

Good night!


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