Thank you, gentle reader.

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So there I was, wrung out from my last full week at Goldman Sachs. I wasn’t sure if I could do the full calisthenics routine that I’d done for the last two nights. So I decided to use you!

I took a picture of myself before the first set of jump ropes, visualizing the progression of shots from doubtful to triumphant. As I planned, the prophecy fulfilled itself: the thought of showing you a slideshow of my success drove me to succeed. Here’s what I did.

1st Group 2nd Group 3rd Group
Jump Rope 200 200 200
Bench Dip 50 40 35
Jumping Jack 200 200 200
Pushup 12 11 8

You’re helping me get all hot and sweaty and achy and spent. Doesn’t it make you feel dirty?


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