Day One Hundred Thirty-Nine

We got up at 2:00 AM and hit the road around 3:00. We got pulled over just south of Albany because — are you ready for this? — *one* of the two little lights over my license plates was out. I ended up with two tickets. The first was for the wee light; it would be dismissed if we proved that we got it fixed within twenty-four hours. The second was for having an unregistered vehicle. This was exceedingly frustrating because Grace just tried to get the car registered on Thursday and couldn’t do so because of DMV hoops that she couldn’t quite jump through.

We had a hearty breakfast at a diner just off Route 87. That’s where Grace took the picture showing my hot chocolate whipped cream moustache.

We got to Raquette Lake General Store at around ten minutes before nine, exactly on schedule. The donuts weren’t in yet, so we contented ourselves with some magnificent cookies with milk. Eventually the donuts were delivered. Joy!

We took a nap at camp, then went to the snowmobile shop in Eagle Bay to try to get the license plate light fixed. The young man in the service center was extremely kind and helpful, drilling out a rusted screw and replacing the bulb.

We went to Inlet to find a police officer to sign for the fixed light, and to get me some curly fries. Then we enjoyed a strenuous bit of bushwhacking, orienteering, and mountain-climbing.

We’d worked up quite an appetite, so we finished the eating part of our eat-whatever-we-want day in Old Forge, getting burgers and franks at Pied Piper and ice cream at the arcade where I delighted in three games of Ms. Pac Man.

We went back to camp and Grace wisely crashed. I, on the other hand, stayed up blogging for an hour or two.


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