Old Forge

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After burning lots of calories on our hike over rocky ridgelines and up Black Bear, we drove to Old Forge for dinner. We stopped at Pied Piper, where I got a bacon double cheeseburger, two Hofmann’s franks, large fries, and a freakin’ huge Pepsi.

I do not have the stomach capacity I once did. It was a long day that included a strenuous three-hour hike, but it also included a big breafast at a diner, cookies and donuts and milk from Raquette Lake, and a big order of curly fries from Inlet in the afternoon. Before I finished the burger and fries and franks, it was clear that I’d gone overboard with the eat-whatever-I-want day again. I’ve still got plenty of work to do before I can say that I’m eating what I want, rather than all I can.

We let dinner settle while I played three games of Ms. Pac Man at the arcade down the street. Then we drove to the other side of town for our usual ice cream sundaes, but Benny’s was closed. I was disappointed, but then as we drove back toward Pied Piper saw that the pizza and ice cream stand at the arcade also serves Upstate Farms ice cream. So we were able to get the delicious sundaes we wanted. Yay!


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