Day One Hundred Forty-One

After a pleasant night at the campsite one mile up Giant Mountain, Grace and I packed up and climbed down to the car. We had a pleasant enough drive home, I suppose; there was more traffic than I expected on a Tuesday, although it was still nothing compared to an average Sunday, let alone the nightmare we would have faced on the afternoon of Labor Day.

The DMV in White Plains was far from pleasant. We tried to register the Escort, but it turned out that my insurance card still said “New Jersey” even though it also bears my New York State address! So I called GEICO and had them fax a new one to the store next door. But it turned out that the “Effective Date” had to be no more than 45 days from the current day. After a second and third phone call, GEICO still failed to fax another card before the DMV closed. I can’t even describe how angry I was.

We went home, unpacked the car, and did our best to unwind. I regretted not getting any exercise in. I’m going to *have* to come up with exercises that I can do in the car so that my metabolism doesn’t spend all day in a rut when we’re on the road.

I did well on my diet, considering that I’d just climbed a high peak. I had a Zone Bar, an orange, a three-egg omelet with Provolone, a double egg-and-cheese sandwich when I got home, and a Zone Bar with tea in the evening.

It was all good except… the amount of sugar I drink in my tea worries me. I need to do something about that.


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