Righteous workout

Me after a particularly good workout

Me after a particularly good workout

Hey, now I know where at least some of those extra three pounds came from! I felt much stronger tonight than I have in… heck, I think in years! When I started my first set of bench dips, and again when I started the pushups, it was as if my body had gotten ten pounds lighter since Friday night, though I know it actually got a bit heavier. I’ve gained muscle mass since last week!

Years ago when I got into the habit of doing pullups on a regular basis, I noticed something about my body: it doesn’t follow the standard rip-and-rebuild guidelines. Most people say that it’s never good to work the same muscles for multiple days in a row because it doesn’t give them a chance to rebuild. However, I noticed that I seemed to perform best when I pushed a muscle to exhaustion for two, or sometimes three days in a row, then gave myself a two- or three-day rest. After that rest, I’d come back stronger than ever.

Well, that seems to be happening again. Last week I not only did a calisthenics routine that I couldn’t have done at all a few weeks before, but I did it on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. By the end of that Friday night routine I was exhausted, and I knew that I couldn’t do it again on Saturday even if I wanted to, but I also knew that I’d pushed myself as far as I should, and no more. I knew that it was good for me to have exhausted the muscles the way I did. Tonight, after four days without calisthenics, I proved myself right. Check out the routine I just did.

1st Group 2nd Group 3rd Group
Jump Rope 200 200 200
Bench Dip 50 47 42
Jumping Jack 200 200 200
Pushup 13 11 10

I haven’t been able to do a workout like that for years, and by the time I lose fifteen more pounds I’ll be putting this one to shame. All the stress and outrage of the day is gone, replaced with a sweet, mellow tiredness. There’s a warm burn in my muscles that feels absolutely right. HELL YEAH!!!


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