A much-needed distraction… or not-so-much?

One and a half days to go. One and a half days of not… not doing all those things to my boss that I’d like to do.

You know what I just realized? I don’t have any particular desire to stuff my face right now. If it were anyone else, I’d say the stress of leaving a job of ten years took away their appetite. But this is me. *Nothing* takes away my appetite.

I think that my conspicuous lack of cravings, in the face of stress that might once have led me to gorge myself on pizza at Caruso’s, goes to show how unexpectedly successful this blog has been. I feel good about myself. Eating sensibly has gone from an energy sink to a source of strength and pride. What I want to eat feels closer than it’s been in years to what my body needs — maybe closer than it’s ever been.

That was my highest pie-in-the-sky hope for this blog… And it seems to be happening!

So tonight I’ll take my usual detour to Midtown Comics before boarding my train at Grand Central. I’ll pick up my coveted copy of Invincible Iron Man #30. I’ll read it on the train. And I will revel in the knowledge that, although it’s a useful distraction from work stress, I don’t particularly need it as a distraction from food cravings.


2 Responses to “A much-needed distraction… or not-so-much?”

  1. grace Says:

    Awesome, and congratulations!

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