Camp breakfast. Yay!

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I looooooove camp breakfasts. Love ’em. Get that fire roaring, spear the ground with those delightfully low-tech zigzag posts, set up the grill, plunk down that enormous cast iron skillet, cook up some sausage, and toss a bunch of eggs and cheese into the grease. Turn it about with a big spatula, and pile it all on a plate. Meanwhile, of course, you’ll have had some English muffins toasting. Or maybe you prefer some other bread toasted in butter right on the skillet. Either way, what you get is heaven.

I felt like I cheated a bit by using the toaster for the English muffins, but they’re too full of those nooks and crannies that the advertising execs spent big bucks filming to toast well on a flat metal surface, and toasting them over the fire would have been more of a pain than I was ready for at the time.

Read that last paragraph again. It contains everything you ever need to know about my obsession with food. I ritualize things to the point of worrying about having used a toaster. Yeesh.


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