Camp cookout

From Bushwhacking south of Uncas and Climbing Black Bear Mountain – September 11, 2010

As soon as we got back from our hike I started a campfire. I felt like having a nice big bonfire, so I loaded on a lot of the big branches and logs that I’d gathered from around the property. The evening was just cold enough to make a big, hot fire seem like a cozy prospect. Grace stopped at two hot dogs, but I’d worked up enough of a hunger on that hike to down four of them with no pause, and then, after long consideration, have myself a fifth.

After the hot dogs, it was time for s’mores. I’d stockpiled several partially-used bags of marshmallows, and more than one box of unused Hershey bars. Unfortunately the Hershey bar I had turned out to be quite old; it was a whitish cocoa color, and the flavor had mostly left it. So, although I had about four s’mores, it wasn’t terribly satisfying. But hey, even a bad s’more is pretty amazing. And of course, it’s the satisfaction of the ritual that counts.


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