Day One Hundred Forty-Four

I got up at 5:30 and took my standard walk to start a decidedly nonstandard day. There were bunnies. Good bunnies.

I made that absurd patchwork peregrination that, after today, will no longer be usual. I spent eight hours training my co-workers, preparing documentation for them on the things I hadn’t time to show them, and cleaning up my physical and virtual spaces.

I followed my diet well even during the team farewell lunch because I’d asked the organizer to have it at Nanking, where I’m able to get a reasonably portioned meal. The lunch still filled me up so much that I skipped my 4:00 meal, which was fine because I’d need to have something to eat during the late car drive.

I walked out of the doors of Goldman Sachs at 5:00 on the nose, never to return. When I got home, I did another long, vigorous calisthenics routine and ate an egg and cheese sandwich, a bit of vegetable melange, and a big helping of steamed broccoli. Then Grace and I started packing for a weekend at camp.

We hit the road at exactly 10:00 PM. The traffic was much weirder than what I would have expected for the weekend after Labor Day: very tetchy and aggressive. I ate a Zone Bar with all the tea I was guzzling to stay awake, and I did not eat a Blue Bunny Turtle bar. Grace and I were each completely exhausted, so it’s something of a trick that we made it to camp; the deer were worryingly active.

But make it to camp we did — at 3:30 AM. And so ended my last day in Corporate America.

And so it begins.


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