Day One Hundred Forty-Six

Grace and I slept until around nine or ten, then puttered about the camp for a while. After leaving Goldman Sachs forever on Friday, getting nowhere near enough sleep lately, and taking a big hike yesterday, I felt like a lazy morning was in order, so I spent some time blogging. Then I made breakfast: two eggs for Grace, and a single egg with half an ounce of cheese on a toasted English muffin for me.

I had a few cups of sweetened tea before leaving camp, as per my habit, but I refrained from having hot chocolate. We packed up, cleaned up, closed up camp, and hit the road sometime around 2:30. We stopped for a meal in Indian Lake, and I did quite well considering it was a road trip after an eat-whatever-I-want day: I had two cups of tea and two eggs with cheddar on a croissant, and refrained from eating any meat or any of the enticing baked goods behind the counter.

Grace, bless her heart, drove the whole way back to Larchmont. I didn’t eat anything for the rest of the trip except for yet another cup of tea. We got back to town at around 8:40, and went to Trader Joe’s for vegetable melange and milk before they closed. I also picked up a bag of oranges and a few apples.

The first thing I did when we got home was to microwave a bag of the vegetable melange. We each had half of that, and I had an apple and an orange. Then we got cleaned up, unpacked the car, and hit the hay. Again, for a road trip day, I did an excellent job of sticking to my diet.


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