Day One Hundred Forty-Seven

Well, this was my first post-Goldman-Sachs Monday, and it felt great. I have no intention of falling into a funk, so I made a point to get up at 5:30 and go on my regular walk. It was great to have the opportunity to grind and brew coffee for Grace while I was digging into my TO DO list, which has been accumulating during these last few months while I had no mental resources for anything but getting out of Goldman Sachs with my dignity intact.

I spent the day getting small tasks done: housecleaning, grocery shopping, paying bills, depositing checks, that sort of thing. I followed my regular eating schedule, though the variation was lacking: I had an egg sandwich at 7:00 and 1:00, and a Zone Bar with tea at 10:00 and 4:00. At 4:00 I also had steamed broccoli with a smidge of cheese. In the evening I ate two servings of Trader Joe’s vegetable melange. Throughout the day I had three small oranges and an apple.

So I’m staying active, knocking things off my TO DO list, following my diet and getting proper nutrition. Go me!


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