I got this thing years ago when I wanted to increase my grip strength, which was important at the time because I was ramping up my dumbell exercises. I never used it much.

There’s no reason not to use it on my walks aside from laziness. And I have several good reasons to want more grip strength right now. First, I want to get into lifting again, and I’ll need it for that. Second, I’m frustrated that I can’t seem to give much of a massage these days without my hands aching. I must be getting old. I want strong hands so that I can give Grace a nice long foot rub.

So I took this picture thinking that, if I posted it and told you that I’m going to start doing grip exercises every day, it would increase my chances of actually doing so.


“I am going to start doing grip exercises every day.”


2 Responses to “Gripmaster”

  1. Gwyn Says:

    You might also alternate with one of those “goosh” balls, that have some sort of modelling clay in, or a tennis ball, to give your hands differing tasks. But kudos to you.

    • theoneifeed Says:

      Thanks! Yeah, years ago I had one of those wads of dense silly putty that’s designed for grip exercises, but I lost interest, and it got cruddy. I like the Gripmaster because I feel like my results are more quantifiable, i.e. I can say “I just did twenty reps with the pinky to 20% spring compression.” Of course I suppose the methods you named do different things because they provide a different resistance profile over time.

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