I haz a happee… I guess.

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Wow. That was a challenging workout. My muscles are tired from the first calisthenics routine of the week yesterday on top of the new routine on Tuesday of dips, pullups and stair-running. But I’m happy because I pushed through an entire vigorous workout. I actually did a few more bench dips than yesterday, although my arms simply refused to do as many pushups.

I took my picture in an attempt to capture my mood at the end of the workout. The first one, in which my mouth is open because I’m breathing heavily, makes me look like either the village idiot trying to understand Platonic cosmology, or an axe murderer fixin’ to get busy on someone’s skull… no, it makes me look like the village idiot trying to understand Platonic cosmology while fixin’ to take the axe to someone’s skull! So I took a second shot with my mouth closed, but that one just makes me look scowly. I tried a third time, and I guess that one adequately conveys how I feel: rather too exhausted for my satisfaction to show properly through the beard.

It’s funny, that first picture is somewhat reminiscent of the cat in the “I haz a happee” LOLCAT.

1st Group 2nd Group 3rd Group
Jump Rope 200 200 200
Bench Dip 50 42 40
Jumping Jack 200 200 200
Pushup 12 9 9

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