The beer that I’m not buying

A beer cooler at Beverage Mart of Rye

A beer cooler at Beverage Mart of Rye

I’m such a sucker for Oktoberfests. They’re only around for a short time, and they’re so nutty and crisp and redolent of fall. They sucker-punch me right in the pathology: “I’m seasonal! I’ll be gone before you know it! You’ll never get another one exactly like me! Seize the day!” Sam Adams and Brooklyn and Harpoon call out to me, wanting me to do a tasting to compare them all and see which one I like best.

Sorry, Oktoberfest. I already have way too many of your cousins in my refrigerator. And since I have no plans to drink them outside a weight benchmark celebration, and my hoard (horde?) is already big enough for several such celebrations, I must regretfully decline your entreaties.

Dang it, Lagunitas! You’re not making it any easier! You with your hoppy seasonal offerings, making me want to grab a six-pack just to hedge against missing the opportunity… BAD Lagunitas! BAD!!


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