Day One Hundred Fifty-One

I got up at 5:30 and walked my regular route while doing 400 reps on each finger with the Gripmaster. I’m pleased to find my fingertips already hurting less as my fingers get stronger. It feels like learning to play the guitar.

When I got back from my walk I got some monumentally great news from the scales: my weight had dipped below 200 pounds. So today would be my beer celebration.

I took it a little easier today, watching a bit more Doctor Who as I knocked a few more things off my TO DO list. I chased Keane about exactly what will happen to my insurance if and when I’m let go at the end of next week, chased the garage about the work they’re doing on my car, and got some housework done.

At around 12:15 I did my third calisthenics workout in three days, and was thrilled with the results. Judging from the way my reps and my overall feeling of strength are increasing each week, I think that the routine of three days on and four days off may be my ideal.

I ate very well during the day, having an egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast, a Zone Bar with tea at 10:00, and steak and lots of vegetables in the afternoon. I had my usual apple and several oranges spaced out over the morning and afternoon.

After my workout, I got cleaned up and started my beer celebration with a bottle of Hennepin. Then, on the 3:29 Metro North to Grand Central, I had a pint of Atlantic Brewing Company “Bar Harbor Real Ale” and a pint of Tröegs “Hopback Amber”. By the time I got to my friend Don’s place I realized that I’d pushed myself physically about as far as I could go this week, because the beer was hitting me very hard.

Well, I launched into helping Don move in order to metabolize the alcohol and burn as many calories as possible. He’s only moving around the corner, but the building he’s moving into has no elevator, and he lives on the fourth floor. We moved a bunch of heavy boxes first, which took much more out of me than it should have. But I kept plugging away, sweating and panting as we finished the boxes and made a few trips for the more ungainly furniture. By the time we stopped, we’d put in three solid hours.

While I got cleaned up, don nipped out to Kashkaval for dips and pita. We hung out on the roof and ate them lustily while I had another bottle of the Hopback Amber and then we shared two bombers (22-oz. bottles): a Braggot from Atlantic Brewing Company and a Double Wailing Wench from Middle Ages. Each of them is a very big gun, so Don and I were doing a lot of giggling by the end.

I made my way back to Grand Central and from there back to Larchmont, where Grace picked me up. It was a late night and I was as exhausted as I could possibly be while still remaining conscious, but I was proud that I’d pushed myself to my physical limits, helped a friend move, and celebrated a major weight goal.


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