I have enough.

Tonight I got lots of extra exercise by helping my friend Don carry his stuff around the corner to his new place in 431 54th Street. I carried boxes up stairs for about three hours, and by the time I was done I’d just about metabolized the beer I’d drunk on the train into Manhattan.

Don got some dips at Kashkaval while I got cleaned up, and we had dinner on the roof with a bottle of Braggot from Atlantic Brewing Company and a bottle of Double Waiing Wench from Middle Ages in Syracuse. We got very silly.

I made a pass by Zaro’s at Grand Central, and boy were those specially-shaped challah loaves enticing. They only make them in that shape for the High Holidays. So of course that voice in me piped up, telling me that I had to buy a loaf of that specially-shaped challah bread and make French toast out of it.

Well, I don’t need to buy a loaf of that speciallly-shaped challah bread and make French toast out of it. It’s a special shape, but it’s the same bread that I can get year-round. I don’t need it any more than I need to pour myself another beer during the train ride home.

I’m grateful for my evening of exercise and drinking with my friend Don. I’m grateful that I’ve already had the luxury of planning an eat-whatever-I-want day full of food and hiking tomorrow. There’s no need to jam in more. I have enough.


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