Break-Fast Dinner

Israeli wine at Break-Fast Dinner

Israeli wine at Break-Fast Dinner

I would have loved to have gotten pictures of all the lovely people and delicious food at Rabbi Jacobs’s house, but I’m not crass enough to whip out my camera at a dinner at a private home. I settled for getting the one shot I had an excuse for: the fascinatingly smoky Israeli wine that Rabbi Jacobs introduced me to, and which I wanted to remember.

Aside from the wine, there were bagels. Yummy, yummy bagels, and cream cheese with chives, and the first lox I’ve had since this same event last year. There was tuna fish and… um, some other kind of fish… and pasta salad. There was good conversation.

And then… dessert came!

There was chocolate cake and cherry pie and some of the best fruit salad I’ve ever had. And there were macaroons. Oh my gosh were there macaroons. They were twice as rich as any other macaroons I’ve had. I think I had three of them altogether, and they composed a meal in themselves — or at least the sugar and fat content.

The benefits of having a professional singer as a spouse are not just aesthetic. On occasions like this they extend far into the gustatory.


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