Day One Hundred Fifty-Two

From Reddening Leaves on Colonial Greenway – September 18, 2010
From Reddening Leaves on Colonial Greenway – September 18, 2010
From Reddening Leaves on Colonial Greenway – September 18, 2010

When the alarm went off at 5:30 I gave the internal animalistic grunt equivalent of “No way.” and went back to bed for a few hours. I was vastly more hung over than I’d anticipated; it was obvious just how far I’d pushed my body during the week, because the beers I drank last night hit me like sledgehammer.

I got up sometime after 8:00, had my breakfast, brewed my thermos-full of tea, loaded my backpack, and set out for the Colonial Greenway at 9:11. I was not happy. I still felt headachy, exhausted and sick, but I was determined to work off the hangover along with some of the beer.

Last night I asked Don to get me a piece of baklava and two macaroons when he went to Kashkaval for our dinner. My idea was to save them for my eat-whatever-I-want day today. This violated my “No hoarding” rule, but in this case I’m glad I did. Having some extra treats helped me make it through that twelve-and-a-half mile hike.

After about an hour and fifteen minutes I performed my first eating ritual: a Zone Bar with tea on the bench next to the lake at New Rochelle High School. Then, after passing through the suburbs and back into the woods, I drank more tea and ate the macaroons on a favorite rocky knoll near the reservoir.

I continued on past Reservoir Number Two, where for the first time in recent memory I did not see the swan family. But I did get a lovely photo opportunity in the form of a shrub putting on its most brilliant red for fall.

Several hours of hiking hadn’t gotten rid of my hangover or made me feel any more energetic. The walk from the reservoir along the Hutchinson Parkway to Weinberg Nature Center seemed to take about twice as long as it ever has. But the baklava I had for dessert, after my Zone Bar with tea ritual, perked me up a bit.

And yet my pace was still disappointingly slow as I made my way through Saxon Woods. Eventually I completed my loop around the greenway, then headed into downtown Larchmont to get my car. I got there a little after 3:00, which makes that the longest I’ve ever taken to hike one loop.

Eventually I got my car, grabbed the indispensable bagel at Stop & Shop, and went home for my post-hike feast: a three-egg omelet with lots of extra-sharp cheddar, bacon, and the bagel toasted and buttered. Then I zipped over to Longford’s for a large waffle cone with one scoop of Chocolate Caramel Crackle and one of Creme Caramel. I can’t think of a more satisfying dessert.

In the evening I joined Grace for the Break-Fast Dinner that I detailed in the previous post. That was quite a cap to my eat-whatever-I-want day.


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