Day One Hundred Fifty-Five

Whew. What a day. Again I got up at 5:30. Again I took my morning walk while doing 300 reps of grip exercises on each digit. Again I ate my standard egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast, and again my body demanded more sleep. Grace tells me that Jack, our cat, was up to some noisy antics last night; presumably that explains why I felt like I got a whole lot less sleep than I did.

I had my usual 10:00 Zone Bar with tea, got a bunch of housework done, had a big helping of broccoli and some vegetable melange at 1:00, then dropped my car off at the garage and took the train into Manhattan for a 3:45 dentist appointment. The cleaning was unpleasant, but I’ve had worse. And the checkup was a relief: my teeth are fine, so I don’t need to come back for six months.

I had brought my unnecessarily heavy pack with me, so I was all set for a walk along the west side — after I ate the roast beef “sandwich” I’d packed: three slices of beef and half an ounce of extra-sharp cheddar on one slice of whole wheat bread.

I spent two hours hiking along the water from around World Financial Center, then cut east around 12th Street and picked up the High Line. I walked north along it all the way to 20th Street, then made my way east and back south to Union Square. After failing to find this week’s new comic books at Forbidden Planet and asking the cashier about them, I finally found out that it was, in fact, Tuesday, not Wednesday. Day of the week awareness FAIL.

I walked up to meet Grace for our weekly walk around Manhattan. I had my usual out-on-the-town meal of a Zone Bar and some black tea that I bought at a bodega, plus a Minneola and a banana. That capped another day of exercise and eating right.


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