Day One Hundred Fifty-Six

I got up at 5:30 for my regular morning walk, doing my now-standard 300 reps of grip exercises on each digit. I think that my allergies were acting up: I was breathing heavily after climbing the stairs at the end of my walk, and I was inexplicably tired despite the reasonable amount of sleep I’d gotten. Again I listened to my body and took a nap. Given all the exercise I’m getting, I want to err on the side of not making myself sick.

Between late morning and about 5:00, I dealt with the Escort as detailed in previous posts. I was anxiety-ridden enough at the end of it all to require one of the Christopher Eccleston episodes of Doctor Who that I’d gotten out of the library before I could even think about a workout. But gosh darn it, I got my inspection sticker!

I did a fantastic calisthenics routine and caught up on my blogging while watching more Doctor Who with Grace. Gosh I love Eccleston. It’s such a shame that he only did one season.

Again, I got lots of exercise and stuck strictly to my diet today, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. The only indulgence I allowed myself was a biscotti and tea while watching Doctor Who.


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