What I’m not eating in Manhattan

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Keep in mind that, for these “The X that I’m not eating” posts, I do *not* just go around taking pictures of every bit of food I see. I only post the food that I’d very much like to eat and, were circumstances different, I would actually stand a good chance of eating. If I weren’t in control, I wouldn’t eat something from all three of the places shown, but I’d bloody well eat something from one or two of them.

So Grace and I were walking along Third Avenue looking for a place where I could get a salad. The first temptation was Hot & Crusty. Wow. Just *look* at the drool coefficient of that window.

Next there was Chirping Chicken, its red and yellow signs proudly illuminating the Manhattan gloom. The rack of grilling chicken in the front window was enticing, but not so much as the pictures of the burger above the counter. God I want that burger.

Last came Starbucks. While waiting for Grace to use the loo, my eyes roamed over the desserts. Mmmmmm… lemon cake. Among other things.

Well, I made it out of that block with my virtue, such as it is, intact. I didn’t buy any of it. Go me!


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