Ups and Downs of Acadia

Here are some of the fun things that happened to me yesterday.

  • I cracked the face of my cell phone so that now it’s even more useless than it was.
  • I lost my glasses when the gale-force wind on Sargent Mountain whipped them off my head.
  • I got soaked and cold while looking for the glasses. I managed to recover one lens. I finally gave up and got the hell off the mountain because I had one hour of light left.
  • When I was about three tenths of a mile from the peak, I found that the wind had also whipped the map from my pocket.
  • While stumbling half-blind over rocks, I leaning hard against a boulder and put a cosmetic but very disheartening crack in the face of the new GPS in my pocket.
  • The plug part of my cell phone charger is dead, presumably from water getting inside. I can now only charge it via USB.

In short, I pretty much broke everything but my ass. And it’s a bloody miracle I didn’t break that.

So now I’m driving around (as little as possible!) with one lens held up to my eye. This morning I parked at the edge of Bar Harbor, found the one optometrist in town, and then went to Morning Glory Bakery to use their Wi-Fi. I found my optometrist in Manhattan and called them. They are faxing my records to the optometrist here, though it probably won’t do any good. Thankfully Grace is flying in tomorrow morning, otherwise I’d be in more of a pickle than I am.

Anyway, you can follow all my hikes on Wait until you see the crazy zigzag of my path on Sargent Mountain from when I was looking for my glasses during the Day 10 hike.


2 Responses to “Ups and Downs of Acadia”

  1. Grace Says:

    Happily, I found and cleaned your contact lenses!

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