Fulfilling a promise to myself

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On April 28 I said that, in six months, I’d come back to Caruso’s. The plan was for me to read issue 31 of Invincible Iron Man over pizza on the day when it hit the shelves, and that my belly wouldn’t bulge against the side of the table so much on that day. Well, I’m very happy to say that I’ve fulfilled the important part of that bargain.

I quit my job, so I’m I’m no longer working in New York City. Therefore I don’t have a monthly train ticket. A round-trip train ticket into Manhattan would cost something around twenty or thirty bucks. Instead of going to this extravagant expense, I’m sitting in my kitchen. I’ll treat myself to Caruso’s some other time.

But the important part — the belly? Yeah, that’s smaller. A lot smaller. It ain’t quite as small as it’s gonna be, but it’s a damned sight better than it was in April. So it is with unalloyed pride that I am about to open the cover of Invincible Iron Man #31, which I bought in Scarsdale today. I will read it with glee, and with my homemade pizza… which is, in point of fact, better than any damned pizza I could buy in New York City.


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