Here’s to the Finback

Me about to enjoy a Peak's Organic IPA in my Finback Alehouse glass

Me about to enjoy a Peak's Organic IPA in my Finback Alehouse glass

Wow. That was one heck of a vacation. I need a transitional day before getting back on the straight and narrow, and here’s me kicking it off. That’s a bottle of Peak’s Organic IPA, served in my new Finback Alehouse pint glass. I spent every night of my vacation at the Finback because the Finback has awesome beer and food, and the people there are way cool. Here’s to you, guys.


3 Responses to “Here’s to the Finback”

  1. amarantaviera Says:

    Nice! I recently had a tremendous glass of Middle Ages’ Double Wench ( — BTW, fuck Beer Advocate and its B+ rating). You can get it at Pony Bar on 45th & 10th.

    Also, you’ve really finally hit the Full Grizzly Adams. Amazing!

  2. theoneifeed Says:

    WOW, you had Double Wench in Manhattan??? Damn, girl, I just discovered the stuff AT THE BREWERY IN SYRACUSE about two months ago! I can see the B+, although I might not agree with it. It’s challenging stuff. It’s like eating a fresh-mown field of green stuff. Very strong, very alive, very edgy.

    Do you know, one of my earliest memories was of Grizzly Adams? I was probably around three years old. My parents took me and my sister to see the Grizzly Adams movie. We came home and turned on the TV, and there was an ad for the movie. I asked my parents “Why are they advertising it? It’s over?” Their explanation expanded my consciousness: there were more viewings of the movie than the one we’d seen.

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