All right! Not bad!

I took a seventeen-day vacation during which I planned to hike so much that I would compensate, or nearly compensate, for all the beer and barbecue that I would consume. I realized that there would be days when I’d be eating and drinking and not hiking at all, such as the Saturday of the Oktoberfest, so I was prepared to happily accept a weight gain of five pounds, or grudgingly accept ten.

Then, last Wednesday, the wind on top of Sargent Mountain took my glasses. My loss of vision and attendant mucking about at the optometrist’s office in Bar Harbor cost me a few days of hiking.

Then, after getting home, I allowed myself a transitional day. During which I, ah… ate an entire pizza and drank a lot of beer. Ahem.

But I got back on the straight and narrow yesterday, and today I hiked a lap around the Colonial Greenway with my loaded pack. And when I got on the scales just now, I weighed in at 205. I’m seven and a half pounds heavier than when I left for my vacation, despite the setbacks. That’s not a bad exchange at all!

My next weight goal: 196. Stand aside, ’cause here I come!


2 Responses to “205”

  1. Quest Says:

    196? You’ll be there in like 5 days bro,

  2. Quest Says:

    196? You’ll be there in like 5 days bro, keep up the good work!

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