Day One Hundred Eighty-Three

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Sorry to have been off the radar. I’ve been a bit freaked out because I fell off the wagon over the weekend. I was having a good time with friends, and I used it as an excuse to eat lots of food and drink beer on Saturday and Sunday.

More on this later. For now, I’m going to focus on my good dieting behavior today. See the pictures? They show what I didn’t eat in Manhattan today. I didn’t walk into the attractive-looking cafe near NYU with all the attractive-looking young people in it. I wanted to, because it would have been a great place to kill some time with my netbook, and oh boy, the thought of adding tea and pastries to this mix was compelling. I also did not get a gyro from Rafiqi’s, which appeared before me like a mirage as I walked out of the Barnes and Noble at Union Square.

So I’m doing all right. I stumbled, but it ain’t gonna bring me down. Tomorrow I’m going to exercise a lot, and I’m going to weigh myself. And I’m going to eat right, despite hanging out with — and making an apple pie with — my Little Brother.

Good night.


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