Day One Hundred Eighty-Four

I’ve been having a hard time getting up in the mornings, which as of Monday led me to think that I was a bit depressed. That’s why I got myself out on a hike around the Colonial Greenway on Monday, and why I resumed my calisthenics today. For me, nothing cuts through the Gordian knot of the blues like getting my ass moving. It’s one case where the problem may be fixed by treating the symptoms.

I did a great job on my diet during most of the day: I ate an egg sandwich, two Zone Bars, and plenty of fiber in the form of oranges, an apple, half of a butternut squash, and some broccoli.

Then I went to hang out with my little brother, and my traditions became a bit stronger than my rules. See, getting an Italian Burger from Roberto’s has been a tradition since the day almost two years ago when I first became Khalil’s Big Brother. An Italian Burger is two hamburger patties in an Italian roll with fries right on it. We get one of those, along with a bottle of soda, and split it. I could do worse, e.g. by eating a whole Italian Burger rather than half, but I could do a lot better.

Then we made the apple pie. With the butter crust. Yum. I’m rather proud of myself for limiting myself to one medium-sized piece. I’m not so proud that my munchies persisted so strongly through the evening that, when I got home, I indulged in some chips and salsa.

Hold on…

There. I just threw the rest of that bag of chips down the garbage chute. Resisting temptation is easier if one has to go to the store to give in to it.

Anyway. Not a great day, not a horrible day… just a day on the front lines.


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