Tonight’s calisthenics

I’m very happy with tonight’s workout despite the steep dropoff in reps from set to set. See, I crashed at Don’s place last night, and I had an allergic reaction to the pillow he gave me; once again, I never thought to say to myself “Hey, is this a feather pillow?” Well, it was, and I didn’t breathe very well all night. So I was fighting exhaustion today, not to mention still feeling a bit short of breath.

My arms and shoulders were also quite fatigued from yesterday’s workout. So given all these factors, I’m pretty proud that I made it through a full calisthenics routine at all.

Jump Ropes Bench Dips Jumping Jacks Pushups
Round 1 200 50 200 15
Round 2 200 46 200 10
Round 3 200 35 200 5
TOTAL 600 131 600 30

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