Day Two Hundred Eight

Finally. A decent night’s sleep. Not a good night’s sleep, but even a decent night’s sleep is leagues ahead of what I’d gotten all week.

I got up, took yet another steam bath, and drank more Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine and ginger tea. Then I had the eat-whatever-I-want day breakfast I’ve been looking forward to: a three-egg omelet with sausage, a toasted, buttered bagel and a big glass of milk. Mmmmm.

I took a walk with Grace, and was actually able to take a nap in the afternoon! Lovely. Other than that, we whiled the day away with reading and DVDs: “How the Earth Was Made”, a rather overly dumbed-down geology production; “Bubba Ho-Tep”, a fun Bruce Campbell romp about Elvis fighting a mummy in a nursing home; and “The Reckoning”, an enjoyable bit of middle ages courtroom drama with Paul Bettany and Willem DaFoe.

Throughout the day I enjoyed Stop & Shop oatmeal raisin cookies — which are really quite astonishingly good — with tea. For dinner we fried burgers and baked some French fries and onion rings from the frozen food section. So I ate quite a lot, but certainly not as much as I could. Go me!


4 Responses to “Day Two Hundred Eight”

  1. Gwyn Says:

    Hot ginger lemonade. Grate a thumb-sized bit of ginger root, pour boiling water over it. Add about two tablespoons of lemon juice, and the same amount of honey. Stir. Add two shakes of Tabasco, or something similar. Drink. Sweat. Swear.

    If going straight to bed, add a shot of whiskey.

  2. kestrelhill Says:

    I have a real weak spot for Bruce Campbell. I’ll even watch zombie movies if he’s in them, and I. Don’t. Like. Zombies.

    Glad you’re feeling (slightly) better!

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