Day Two Hundred Fourteen

This morning I got up a bit earlier and walked a bit farther: probably a good nine miles, three of which was spent exploring the trails of the Marshlands Conservancy. It’s a lovely place to explore woods and shorelines and meadows, and I’m looking forward to spending more time there.

I’ve been getting hungry at nighttime lately, which is a problem. Food consumed during the hours just before bedtime are most likely to be converted to fat as my metabolism bottoms out overnight. Yet that’s when I most want to eat.

So today I did something about the problem. I made a point to defer eating two small items that I would normally scarf down earlier in the day: a banana and the small container of yogurt that I’ve been eating each day since I started taking antibiotics. Saving them for the early evening made a big difference. They made me feel more sated so that I had less of an urge to overeat at night.

All I ate before Grace got home was a Zone Bar with my tea, some split pea soup, an apple, two oranges and a banana. She brought some leftovers from her Thanksgiving event at work, so for dinner I had a sandwich with turkey and cheese, along with some yams and cranberry jello.

I’m feeling a bit stronger every day. In addition the longer walk this morning, I took a two-mile walk in the late afternoon. It was more exercise than I’ve done in nearly two weeks, and it feels great.

The pressure from the infection in my left ear is still damned irritating, but it’s abating slightly each day. I’ve finished eight days of a ten-day course of antibiotics. And my eat-whatever-I-want day is tomorrow. Woo hoo!

Good night.


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