Not buying anything at Zaro’s

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On the way back from Manhattan on Tuesday night, I made my customary willpower pass by Zaro’s in Grand Central. I knew there would be special Thanksgiving goodies in the window, and they did not disappoint.

These Thanksgiving treats look so ridiculous that they’re not actually appealing to me, so not buying any was no challenge at all. There were some other things on the shelves inside, though, that were a different story. Pecan pies. Various other pies. Coffee cakes of every stripe. These I would have liked to have bought and devoured. But I didn’t. This doesn’t count for as much as it would during a normal week, because I knew I’d be eating my own delicious pumpkin pies on Thursday. But it’s a small victory, or at least a reminder that I have a vastly clearer head than I did last winter.


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