Day Two Hundred Fifty-Five

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Today was a good day — my first day of following my diet in weeks.

I had my modest egg sandwich for breakfast, went on a walk with Grace and Katherine, limited myself to two unbuttered scones with tea, and had another egg sandwich when we returned. I went running with Grace in the afternoon; we’re proud to be continuing on the “Couch to 5K” program.

Before we hopped on the train into town to see “True Grit” with Eric, I brewed my usual thermos full of tea. Between 5:30 and 10:00 I drank most of that pot of tea and three Zone Bars, and ate the apple I’d strategically saved for the theater. I did not eat anything from Zaro’s or any of the popcorn that Eric bought at the Ziegfeld.

I’ve been thinking of all the food I chose not to eat today, which results in me thinking very fondly of all the food and drink I’ve consumed during the last month. I’m not beating myself up over that, because it feels like I needed it, and because I don’t think beating myself up is going to do any good. What I am going to do is follow up on this first day of not eating those things. I can compensate for that month of overeating — one day at a time.

Good night!


3 Responses to “Day Two Hundred Fifty-Five”

  1. Grace at ZonePerfect Says:


    Great job! Happy 2011!! Your Couch to 5k program sounds like awesome motivation for the New Year. I saw True Grit over the weekend, I thought the little girl has some serious acting skills.

    We are glad you enjoy ZonePerfect bars. What flavor do you eat? Have you tried Cookie Dough?


  2. theoneifeed Says:

    Thanks. I generally eat the dark chocolate almond, but sometimes I switch it up with the Oreo flavor. I haven’t seen the Cookie Dough.

  3. Grace at ZonePerfect Says:

    Check out the Cookie Dough, I am biased but I think it’s really good. This link will help you find stores which carry other flavors. Definitely let us know what you think.

    Keep up the amazing work. Your determination is a real inspiration 🙂

    ~Grace at ZonePerfect

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