Day Two Hundred Sixty

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I got up at 5:00 and went on my walk, but I was a zombie the whole time. I think the wine I drank last night gave me anxiety dreams. I should not drink wine at night. But the more significant factor was my allergies: I didn’t breathe well last night. So after my walk I took an allergy pill and caught up on some sleep.

I followed my diet well all day, eating two egg sandwiches with my delicious homemade bread, a Zone Bar, a few cups of sweet tea, two oranges, an apple, a banana, some carrots, a bowl of lentil soup with bread, half of a baked sweet potato and a bowl of broccoli with Parmesan and Romano. Oh, and three glasses of red wine, which finishes off the last bottle. And I ain’t buyin’ no more, because it interferes with my sleep.

In addition to my morning walk, I went running with Grace tonight. We’re on the second day of the fifth week of the Couch to 5K program. We did well; I’m proud of us. The picture of us above was taken upon our return.

So I got plenty of exercise and ate reasonably. I probably could have done with less bread, but at least I didn’t go overboard like I did last night. As I get used to the awesomeness, I should be able to reduce my daily consumption to a more Spartan intake. Without the banishment to the wilderness, and the stealing to survive, and the killing of Helots, of course.


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