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No exercises tonight.

September 23, 2010

I know that there are some of you who worry that I’m going too far. I offer the following to show you that I am erring on the side of caution.

I overdid it on my hike in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation today. My blood pressure clearly bottomed out afterward, because when I was at Whole Foods I got the most intense spells of lightheadedness I’ve had in years. Every time I stood up from a crouch after looking at shampoos, that tingling wave would sweep outward from the center of my head, and I’d have to wait a few seconds for it to pass.

You know how enthusiastic I’ve gotten about my weekly cycle of three consecutive nights of calisthenics followed by four nights off. I wanted very badly to have an unbroken fourth week. Well, I broke my fourth week. The lightheadedness hasn’t been nearly as bad this evening, but my head still feels a bit dodgy. I think it would be unwise to do any more exercises tonight, so I’m not.


Day One Hundred Forty-Nine

September 15, 2010

I got up at 5:30 and took a variation on my regular walk: today I spent the entire forty-five minutes doing grip exercises. I used the Gripmaster to do one hundred reps on each finger, except in the case of the smaller fingers, which got tuckered out long before that number. As I walked, I attempted also to focus on the lectures about Saint Augustine playing on my iPod. Multitasking is not my forté, so I kept losing the thread.

When I got home, I got some great news from the scales, had an egg and cheese sandwich, and plowed into my TO DO list. I dropped off the Escort at the garage, went to the library to drop off some CDs, got some more CDs and a copy of Augustine’s Confessions, and walked home by way of the grocery store, where I bought some broccoli crowns.

I had my Zone Bar with tea at around 10:00 and continued to knock items off my TO DO list. For my own sake I made reservations at Blackwoods Campground for the two weeks leading up to Columbus Day, and called Acadia to ask some questions about my camping stay. For the apartment’s sake I did a lot of cleaning. It feels good to be getting stuff done, after months of having no mental energy for anything but getting out of Goldman Sachs.

During the last few days I’ve had relatively frequent episodes of lightheadedness. None of them have lasted more than a few seconds, but the fact that I’ve been having them several times each day is conspicuous. They happen when I turn around fast, or raise from a crouch, so judging from past experience it seemed clear that they were caused by an aberration in my blood pressure. So I asked Grace to borrow a sphygmomanometer from work.

At 1:00 I had my standard second egg and cheese sandwich with a big helping of steamed broccoli. This time I wasn’t quite up for eating the broccoli plain, so I allowed myself a light dusting of Parmesan and Romano.

I gave myself a little downtime in the form of two episodes of Doctor Who: the last and the first episode of “The Ribos Operation”, which comprises the first four episodes of “The Key to Time”. I watched the last and then the first because I’m starting the disc over, watching it with commentary this time. Gosh, it’s good stuff. The original material is some of the finest scenery-chewing ever committed to videotape, and hearing the commentary track of Tom Baker shooting the shit with Mary Tamm is a welcome addition to the experience.

At 4:00 I had half a bag of Trader Joe’s vegetable melange. This stuff is a valuable addition to my diet. I get lots of vegetables in a very tasty package with only around 150 calories. Since I also ate one apple and three small oranges at various points throughout the day, I’m doing well with my fiber intake.

I did my calisthenics routine at 5:00, and was pleased to find that I did almost as much of a workout as I did last Wednesday. The fact that I did this despite my muscles being tired from yesterday’s dips, pullups and stairs means that I’m getting stronger. And once I get used to the new workout, I’ll become stronger still.

I went with Grace to Westchester Reform Temple to hear her rehearse for High Holidays choral singing. The group makes beautiful harmonies. As I listened, I got some writing done on my Netbook. I also ate a Zone Bar and a biscotti with the thermos full of tea I’d brought.

Grace took my blood pressure twice tonight: once at the temple and once when we got home. It’s around 125/80, which is great. That’s good to know, because I was worried that subconscious stress from leaving work was making it skyrocket. Those episodes of lightheadedness must have been caused by low blood pressure, which makes me much less concerned than the other thing.

Another day of good eating and good exercise! Yeah!