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I’m gonna drink me some beer on the Metro North

June 22, 2010

I’m in a crowded and relatively rowdy Metro North car. The doors closed fifteen minutes ago, and during that time I’ve come up with three things about this train ride to be thankful for.

1. Grace and I got seats.
2. This makes the colonoscopy I got a few years ago seem not so bad.
3. This gives me one more incentive to lose weight.

See, there’s this Brazilian dude with a guitar and a woman. Good god, I hope he plays more skillfully with the latter than he does the former. My hearing really, really sucks, but I have exceptional pitch. When tuning’s not good, I hear it. And this guy’s tuning is… excruciating is off the mark. In some ways excruciating would be better. This guy’s strings are just far enough away from being in tune with each other, and he’s just far enough away from being in tune with them, that it draws my attention.

Standing right across from the couple is a jovial fiftysomething dude who’s clearly trying to regain his lost youth. I am not usually so uncharitable. I say this because he’s so painfully obvious in his attempts to impress Out Of Tune Brazilian Guitar Dude’s hottie. His “Hey, it’s a party!” attitude makes me want to treat it as anything but.

So why does this motivate me to lose weight? Well, much as I don’t want to be Fiftysomething Trying Too Hard Dude, neither do I particularly want to be Annoyed With People Who Are Having A Good Time On Train Dude. Beer would help with that. Maybe if I had a growler to share, I wouldn’t mind either dude so much.

So I’m going to get down to my target weight. Then I’ll have the luxury of taking advantage of Metro North’s alcohol policy from time to time. I will almost certainly not be as noisy as either dude, but I might actually join in the fun rather than gritting my teeth.


The T-shirt and shorts that I’ll be wearing

May 25, 2010

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After work I took Morgan to Newport Centre Mall in Jersey City to look for a pair of Vans in Journeys. While she was trying on her sneakers I noticed an awesome T-shirt hanging on the wall. It’s got Iron Man in what is essentially the Extremis armor but with an interesting variant of the helmet that has pointed red racing stripes along the temples. As far as I know, that armor iteration never appeared in any Marvel comic, nor did Iron Man ever slog through some sewer with the Hulk and Spider Man. Also, I don’t recognize it as being the work of any artist I’m familiar with. I think that this was some one-off fantasy piece: Marvel probably commissioned an independent artist to do a piece featuring Iron Man with the Hulk and Spider Man, and have some fun with the armor. In any event, it looked totally sweet, so I decided to buy a large one and make it into a goal: I’ll wear it when it fits me loosely.

We went to Sears so Morgan could shop for jeans, but I’m the one who ended up with a lucky find. I can’t express how much I love these orange and yellow shorts. I had a pair very much like them in college and lost them, and since the ridiculously bright surf-shorts style was long gone by then, I never expected to find anything like them again. And there they were tonight, twenty years later, hanging on a sales rack in Sears! Joy! I bought two pair just in case I lose one. Hell, even if I don’t lose one, I’ll have one for when the first one wears out.

In addition to the magnificently blinding shorts, I bought two flowery pairs: one white and one black. All four are size large. I tried them on, and I can squeeze into them right now, although I’d have to wear a loose-fitting shirt over them to conceal my spare tire. Right now they are folded, along with the T-shirt, in my drawer. I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll walk down the street in those without worrying that people will look at me and say “Hey, look at that chubby geek with the midlife crisis and the abominable fashion sense!” Instead I’ll smile, knowing that they’re saying “Hey, look at that geek with the midlife crisis and the abominable fashion sense!”

Yeah. Something to look forward to.

Mmmmm… Iron Man…

May 12, 2010

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I fed the geek some more today — or rather I stocked my larder in preparation for feeding the geek after work. I went to Chameleon Comics and now the titles you see above are burning a hole in my shoulder bag. I’m going to enjoy tonight’s train ride!

Iron Man Noir is a very interesting alternate-universe take on the Iron Man mythos, placing the characters of Tony, Rhodey, Pepper, Madame Masque and others in a 1930s Indiana Jones / Aubrey-Maturin setting. It’s really cool.

Iron Man Legacy looks to be a sort of garden-variety Iron Man one-off from the pre-Extremis days, and features excellent artwork and good old Doctor Doom. The script is interesting and sort of goofy at the same time.

As always, the point of this is to redirect my eating compulsions toward other rituals — to shove something else shiny in from of my magpie mind. Seven dollars isn’t too high a price to pay for that.

The beer I will drink in a week or two

May 2, 2010

Hennepin - my Favorite Beer

The diet is going great. I’m spending more and more time feeling just straight-up fantastic, as opposed to “fantastic one minute, woozy the next, and wanting to throw a temper tantrum an hour later”. And since this blog has enhanced my self-examination I’ve learned some new things about my relationship with food and gotten some useful ideas for improving it. I’m feeling more hopeful than I have in a long time.

So, in anticipation of reaching the 235 pound benchmark in a week or two, I went to the fridge and pulled out the bottle of Hennepin I’ll be drinking on that day. I took a picture of it… and I put it back.

It feels so good to have that self-control again. Thanks to all of you who augment my strength by reading and responding to my thoughts.

Turn the Page

May 2, 2010

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A few weeks ago the thought of looking at my calendar depressed me. Now I’m proud to show it to people. Look at all the stickers from the last two weeks! But you know what I’m even more psyched about? Turning the page and thinking of what the May sheet is going to look like a month from now.