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My suit is loose!

September 18, 2010
My suit is loose!

My suit is loose!

While Grace sang for the last Jewish High Holidays service at Westchester Reform Temple, I got my suit out of the closet in preparation for the Break-Fast dinner after the service. The last time I wore it was at a funeral last year; the time before that, a funeral in 2008. On both occasions, the pants were very tight. Today they were loose. That means I’m slimmer than I’ve been since well before 2008.



Goodbye Size 40s!

September 13, 2010

Here’s me modeling all the size 40 pants that I’m about to Freecycle. Do you know why I’m about to Freecycle them? I’ll give you a hint: I don’t have enough fashion sense for it to have anything to do with whether they’re in style or not. No? How about this: it’s also not because they’re worn out. Some of them are too worn to wear to work, yes, but if that were the only reason then I’d just use them as hiking pants.

Give up? OK, I’ll tell you. The reason why I’m Freecycling these pants is because…

They’ve gotten way too loose! WOO HOO!!!

Retiring a pair of shorts and a pair of pants

August 22, 2010

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I was just going through my suitcase in preparation for tonight’s trip to Oneida, and I saw a pair of shorts that were tight when I was at my highest weight over the winter. Look at them now!

After folding up the shorts, I took a look through the rest. Those pants that were barely wearable when I got them a few months ago? Yeah, they’ll no longer stay up on my hips. Sweeeeet!

My pants are REALLY loose!

August 19, 2010
My VERY LOOSE size 40 pants!

My VERY LOOSE size 40 pants!

So I was running for the train this morning, and I didn’t have time to find a pair of tan 38s that were in good shape and that weren’t too snug. So I grabbed the size 40s that I stopped wearing only two weeks ago. And look how loose they are now! Wheeeee!


August 6, 2010
Size 38 pants, third belt notch!

Size 38 pants, third belt notch!

See those pants? Those are the pants that I got too fat to wear last year, and started wearing again yesterday. See that belt? That’s the size 40 belt that turned out to be far too tight for me to wear when I bought it on May 10. See those two notches between the end of the belt and the prong? They show that I’ve lost a good three inches just in the last three months! HELL YEAH!!!


August 5, 2010

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A few weeks ago I tried on a pair of my size 38 pants and said “Uh-uh. No way.” Last night I tried them on, pondered, and decided that it was time to wear them.

The first shot shows me during my commute, wearing a T-shirt so as not to to sweat into my work clothes. The other two show me at work. The pants are snug, and there’s muffining going on. That makes me a bit uncomfortable, because the tactile inputs constantly remind me of my flab. At the same time, it feels fantastic to think how much less uncomfortable they are than my size 40s were just two or three months ago.

Now I get to feel these pants gradually loosen, just like the size 40s did. Yeah!

My pants are loose.

August 4, 2010
Me with my LOOSE PANTS!

Me with my LOOSE PANTS!

I just had to say that. “My pants are loose.” In fact, they’re sliding down my hips as I walk; I’ve had to hike them up once or twice today.

My pants are loose. My pants are loose. My pants are loose. My pants are loose. My pants *are* loose! Oh yes they are! My pants are LOOOOOOOOOSE!!!

Hey, did I mention my pants are loose?


June 15, 2010

Good morning! Again I’m surprised. My body is clearly still in weight-loss mode despite my allowing all my recent busyness to interfere with my exercise. I haven’t done nearly as many intense workouts during the last two weeks as I did previously, but apparenty getting up for a walk on most mornings, combined with long hikes on the weekends and a sparse diet, is enough to keep me moving in the right direction.

I’m feeling a bit down because of fallout from the weekend, and because I tried on an old pair of size 38 pants this morning. Nuh-uh. Not even close. I need to lose at least fifteen more pounds before I can even *think* of wearing them. And they used to be far too loose for me to wear. How did I let myself go so far?

OK, enough of that. Onward and downward.

The Ceremony of the Changing of the Belts

June 2, 2010

Out with old, in with the new. HELL YEAH!


June 1, 2010

Hey, that’s a lot better than I expected. Then again, I did a lot of hiking over the weekend: 25 miles on the Colonial Greenway on Saturday; about five hours of hiking and tree-climbing at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation on Sunday; and back there yesterday for another four or five hours of hiking with Khalil.

My pants and belt are noticeably looser than they were on Friday. I think that soon I’ll be ready to hang up this belt in favor of the heartbreaker. Yeah!