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My suit is loose!

September 18, 2010
My suit is loose!

My suit is loose!

While Grace sang for the last Jewish High Holidays service at Westchester Reform Temple, I got my suit out of the closet in preparation for the Break-Fast dinner after the service. The last time I wore it was at a funeral last year; the time before that, a funeral in 2008. On both occasions, the pants were very tight. Today they were loose. That means I’m slimmer than I’ve been since well before 2008.



My smaller denim jacket fits!

September 11, 2010

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I have two denim jackets: one size XL, with a great deal of sentimental value; one size L, which I had made because I thought I’d lost the first one. Obviously I was in very good shape when I ordered that second one.

I haven’t worn the size L in years, and during this last winter I don’t think I could even comfortably wear the XL because it was too tight. Last night, while packing for camp, I tried on the XL. It was so loose that it made me reach for the smaller jacket. And it fit with room to spare!

Check it out!!!